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MKS HV 6120H
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Are you the pilot of an aerobatic special, a large and expensive mock-up, or perhaps a working drone?

Then you certainly won't be looking for compromises in model control. And servos are an essential part of the control chain.

So, if you care about your machine, look no further.

MKS HBL 380 servos are what you want, what you need for your model.

In fact, you will be hard pressed to find competition for the MKS HBL 380 servo.

Technical description:

The all-metal servo box of standard dimensions is machined from aluminium alloy. For better cooling of the powerful brushless motor, the cooling fins are fitted with cooling fins.  The titanium gears of the gearbox are hard-chrome coated for increased durability. All driven by a powerful brushless motor.

A pair of special 12x8 mm bearings ensures that the output shaft is completely clearance-free. The large diameter (8 mm) of the output shaft requires the use of special metal control levers or discs, which are capable of transmitting the brutal power of this servo.

But high power also equals higher power consumption. The servo draw at 8.2 V can reach up to 6.2 A. Keep this in mind when sizing the power supply.

If several servos are operating simultaneously, the currents add up and the power supply must be able to handle the load.

Technical data:

Insensitivity bandwidth:

0.0008 ms (standard)

Control pulses:


Operating frequency:


Supply voltage min-max:

6.0~8.4V DC (2S LiPo without regulation)

Operating supply voltage:

6.0~8.2V DC

Operating temperature:

-10 to +60°C


231 kg-cm (6.0V) / 39 kg-cm (7.4V) / 41 kg-cm (8.2V)


0.114 s (6.0V) / 0.092 s (7.4V) / 0.082 s (8.2V)

Motor type:

Brushless Motor (Japan High Quality Brushless Motor)

Ball Bearings:

2BB 12x8 mm


Titanium with hard chrome coating

Connector length:

24.0 cm


40 x 20 x 38.5 mm   



Purchase from

6.2A max (8.2V) / 5.8A max (7.4V) / 4.7A max (6.0V)

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