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It doesn't matter how young you are or how young you feel
It doesn't matter what kind of models you've been flying
It doesn't matter where you're from.
It doesn't matter what brought you to Ion.
Because once you try it, there's no going back.
Want more adrenaline in your flying? You got it.
You want a peaceful flight in the thermals? Sure you can do that, too.
It's up to you to decide what style of flying you prefer and what model setup you use.

The Ion NEO is a class above the models you have flown so far and your experience will be more intense.
The Ion NEO is a brand new model. The result of a collaboration with world champion Rudolf Freudenthaler and designer Peter Svec. For the Ion NEO we have developed a new and unique method of elite wing production, which gives the model a fresh, modern shape and at the same time great flight characteristics. If you know the Ion PRO+, you will enjoy flying with the Ion NEO on the next level.

The Ion NEO is sized to use powerful propulsion engines. Its construction is reinforced to withstand the increased stresses that will undoubtedly be placed on it during operation. After all, what pilot can't resist experiencing what his model can do. And the Ion NEO can do a lot.


The wing structure is based on segments cut from polystyrene foam. These segments are cut on a CNC Styro Cut saw. The strength of the wing is due to the use of carbon strips and beam of the wing to the full height of the profile. These are bonded to the Ayous veneer covering and reinforcing this covering with fibreglass fabric which is reinforced in critical areas. We use special epoxy resins for all bonding and it is done in one working step using negative moulds. After gluing, the sash is milled to the exact shape. After machining the necessary holes, gluing in the plastic servos, the wing is carefully sanded. The top, coloured covering of the model is carefully ironed with ORACOVER foil. The rudders are already suspended from the factory on a plastic self-adhesive film with a long service life. The wing halves are joined by a 7 mm diameter steel coupling, making the wing very compact for transport and very strong for flying.
The elevator is made with the same technology as the wing.


The fuselage is laminated to the negative mold with epoxy resin and fiberglass fabric and is factory reinforced with carbon fiber reinforcement. All the necessary holes are finished, and the screw locations for the wing and elevator mounting are fitted with nuts.

The kit includes all the necessary accessories for final assembly, i.e. aileron and elevator horns, Firewall for motor made of 2 mm thick laminate board, plastic coupler with pivots, wing and elevator mounting screws, servo extension cables, elevator servo rod, wing joiner, plate for storing the propulsion battery. The kit also includes assembly instructions and a decorative decal.


To complete the model you will need:

5 pieces of servos from the range of related products

Electric motor MEGA 22/30/3E (or other according to your requirements)

HobbyWing 60-80A regulator (or other according to your requirements)

RFM 13/7-9 propeller

Cone RFM 40/5

Drive battery 1,8-3,0 Ah

MPX connector

Connectors for drive battery

The model can be delivered including all necessary equipment and final assembly up to flight condition.

When ordering the model, including servos, you will receive free mounting frames for fixing the servos to the model at a price of 195 - 250 CZK, depending on the servos ordered.
After agreement we can produce other colour variants. 

Technical data:
Width:                           2020 mm
Length:                        1090 mm 
Weight: approx.           1500g, depending on equipment
Wing area:                   29,3 dm2
Profile:                         HD 45 mod 
Motor:                          1 kW

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