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MKS HV 6120H
1 748 CZK

MKS HV 6120

MKS HV 6120
List Number: S0022014
Warranty:24 měsíců
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1 748 CZK
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MKS HV 6120
Flat servo for wings with thin profiles.
Designed specifically for F5J, F3K models.
However, these servos will certainly find their place in thin wing models of other categories.
The servos are characterized by excellent workmanship and velvety operation of the gearbox characteristic for MKS.
Another unique feature is the ability to power from 3.5V (one LiPo cell, which will be welcomed by F3K pilots) to full 8.2V (two LiPo cells for all other pilots).
The all-metal box provides excellent servo stability and dissipates heat generated during operation so the servo does not overheat.

Simply small, powerful and fast.


  Torque (3.7V):                         2.54 kg-cm / 35.2 oz-in

  Torque (4.8V)                        3.3 kg-cm / 45.8 oz-in

  Torque (6.0V)                        4.1 kg-cm / 56.9 oz-in

  Torque (7.4V)                        5.0 kg-cm / 69.4 oz-in

  Torque (8.2V)                        5.4 kg-cm / 74.9 oz-in

  Speed:                                      0.180s (3.7V)  / 0.139s (4.8V)  /   0.110s (6.0V)  / 0.089s (7.4V)  /  0.080s (8.2V)

  Weight:                                    11 g  /  0.388 oz

Dimension:                                 23 x 8 x 25.2 mm

Stall Current (at locked load)     0.85A (3.7V) / 1.1A (4.8V) / 1.37A (6.0V) / 1.69A (7.4V) / 1.87A (8.2V)

Working Voltage                       3.5V ~ 8.4V DC Volts

Working Frequency                   1520μs / 333Hz

Dead Band                               0.001 ms (Default)

Bearing                                    2* Ball bearing

Gear                                        Metal Alloy Gear

Motor                                       Coreless Motor 

MKS HV 6120
MKS HV 6120
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