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Ion PRO+ Next Generation

Ion PRO+ Next Generation
Warranty:24 měsíců
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Ion PRO Next Generation, Ion PRO+ Next Generation

Ion has formed the basis of our offer since 1996. During this time, generations of pilots have learned to fly with Ion.

Although it has been continuously upgraded, it was time for a change.

The Ion PRO (PRO+) Next Generation is the same yet completely different.

Everything that worked well with the previous generation has been retained.

What could have been better, we've improved.

Ion PRO NG is made with a completely new manufacturing process.

The wing has been given an aerodynamically improved elliptical shape which, together with the excellent MH 30 profile and thanks to a completely new manufacturing process using precision moulds, guarantees great flight characteristics. The steel wing joiner has been replaced by a more precise 7mm diameter log. The end curves have become an integral part of the wing, reducing the likelihood of damage. The wing's internal structure is based on a precision CNC machined polystyrene foam core, covered in veneer with generously sized fibreglass reinforcement. The main load-bearing element of the wing is a carbon stand with embedded bushings to connect the wing halves. This ensures excellent strength of the wing in both torsion and bending. The wing is newly attached to the fuselage with four M5 plastic countersunk screws. The screws do not protrude above the wing surface, thus contributing to the aerodynamic cleanliness of the model. ORACOVER foil is ironed onto the cleanly sanded wing surface. All rudders are already hinged in the kit. The kit includes attractive self-adhesive decals for a great look.

The elevator is of the same design as the wing. The elevator is hinged and the whole elevator is covered with ORACOVER foil. It is attached to the fuselage with two plastic M4 countersunk screws.

The fuselage is laminated in fibreglass and heavily reinforced with carbon fibre along the entire length of the fuselage. This ensures high strength of the hull, while keeping the weight low. A removable cockpit made of fabric with an aluminium surface allows easy access for changing batteries. The forward section of the hull allows the fitting of motors up to 38 mm in diameter or popular rotary jacket motors without risk of damage to the motor cables. The front of the fuselage is ready for a 40mm diameter cone and is factory built including the correct angles for motor alignment. The nuts for the elevator wing attachment are also directly laminated when the fuselage is manufactured.

The model comes complete with model mounting accessories and assembly instructions, including recommended model setup.

Supplied as:

Ion PRO Next Generation - model controlled by ailerons, elevator and motor control.

Ion PRO+ Next Generation - model controlled by ailerons, flaps, elevator and controlled motor.

Ion PRO Next Generation is now available in more attractive colour options. The standard blue-orange has been joined by blue-fluoro green and blue-fluoro red.

The kit includes all the necessary accessories for final assembly, i.e. aileron levers, elevator and motor bulkhead made of 2 mm thick laminate board, plastic forks, wing and elevator mounting screws, servo extension cables, elevator servo rod, wing coupling plate for storing the drive battery. The kit also includes assembly instructions and a decorative decal.

To complete the model you will need:

3-5 pieces of servos from the range of related products

Electric motor MEGA 22/30/3E (or other according to your requirements)

HobbyWing 60-80A regulator (or other according to your requirements)

RFM 13/7-9 propeller

Cone RFM 40/5

Drive battery 1,8-3,0 Ah

MPX connector

Connectors for drive battery

Technical data:
Width 2020 mm

Length 1070 mm

Profile MH 30

Weight approx. 1500g depending on equipment

Motor 300 W or more

Battery 3-4 S Li-Po 2-4Ah


We can offer you the complete equipment to complete the model, servos, motor, motor controller and battery from our offer or from other manufacturers, exactly according to your requirements, including the complete assembly of the model.

Ion PRO+ Next Generation
Ion PRO+ Next Generation
Ion PRO+ Next Generation
Ion PRO+ Next Generation
Ion PRO+ Next Generation
Ion PRO+ Next Generation
Ion PRO+ Next Generation
Ion PRO+ Next Generation
Ion PRO+ Next Generation
Ion PRO+ Next Generation
Ion PRO+ Next Generation
Ion PRO+ Next Generation
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