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List Number: LEXXC
Warranty:24 měsíců
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LEXX came on the market in 2001 and became another unique product in our production. LEXX is one of the first commercial electro acrobatic model kits.

 The desire to do something new that had never been done before, supported by an order from our then partner in the USA, HOBBY-LOBBY, was behind its creation. That's why LEXX got an American coat. Especially for the American market, LEXX was a revelation. The market there was virtually unaware of the electric drive used in Europe. And suddenly there was a model that flew better on batteries than many plane with glow engines. Despite one major handicap. The LEXX was designed to run on conventional NiCad batteries. And unfortunately, they're heavy. Still, customers couldn't get enough of it, and to this day, orders for it come in from the US from satisfied pilots.

And the new Li-Pol batteries have given the LEXX a second wind.

The LEXX is a fully aerobatic RC model aircraft powered by an electric motor. Its clean, aerodynamic lines give it great flight characteristics, speed and agility. Its domain is fast twists across the sky. A good pilot can also fly 3D, but LEXX was not born for this style. In fact, it didn't even exist then.

The LEXX is manufactured using the same technology as our other models. The wing and elevator are veneer-coated polystyrene cores, the fuselage and rudder are fiberglass.  The wings and elevator are carefully coated with ORACOVER foil. The undercarriage is duralumin, the wheels with fiberglass wheel pants. Any high quality electric motor with an input power of about 1kW and more, powered by 5-6 Li-Pol batteries with a capacity of 3-4 Ah, can be used for propulsion.
The kit includes all necessary accessories for final assembly, i.e. aileron levers, elevator and motor bulkhead made of 2 mm thick laminate board, plastic forks, rod fixing screws for wing and elevator, extension cables for servos, elevator servo rod, duralumin landing gear including wheels with fiberglass wheel pants. The kit also includes assembly instructions and decorative decals.

To complete the model you will need:
4-5 pieces of servos from the range of related products
Electric motor MEGA 22/45/3E (or other according to your requirements)
HobbyWing 60-80A regulator (or other according to your requirements)
Propellers 15-18/8-10
Spinner diameter 51 mm
Drive battery 5-6S /3-4 Ah
MPX connector
Connectors for drive battery

The model can be delivered including all necessary equipment and final assembly up to flight condition.

We can also produce other colour variants upon agreement.

Technical data:
Wingspan: 1550 mm
Length: 1470 mm
Weight: 2500 g
Wing profile:              NACA 63A010
Power: 4 - 6 Li-Po cells 2500 -4500mAh, AC electric motor

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