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ASW 28

List Number: ASW28C
Warranty:24 měsíců
Price excluding VAT:14 875 CZK
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17 999 CZK
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RC model of a 15m class glider in 1:3,75 scale.

Large scale mockup of a modern sailplane.

The model comes with a fiberglass fuselage and polystyrene veneered wings and tail surfaces. The fuselage is equipped with a transparent plastic cabin with floor and instrument panel. The two-piece wing coupling consists of a 14 mm diameter stainless steel rod. The wing is factory fitted with brake flaps, including rods to operate them.


The controlled functions of the model are: ailerons, rudder, elevator, flaps, landing gear and release hook. The model is pleasant to fly and has the elegance of a modern glider. In flight it is easily confused with a real adult aircraft. Its big advantage is the relatively easy transport. A model of this size folds easily into a small car, so there is no need to carry the model on the roof of the car or on a trailer when transporting it to the airport. This is also helped by the detachable winglets on the wing.

Technical data:

wingspan               4000 mm 
Length                   1760 mm
Weight                   5500 g
Profile                    HQ 3/15
Wing area              71,9 dm2


To control the rudder, elevator and ailerons, a servo with a high quality gearbox is required, which can withstand without damage especially the shock of landing when the rudders are oscillated. A good quality micro servo can also be used to control the flaps. The retractable landing gear and especially the towing hook require servos with a thrust at least equal to the weight of the model. See related products for recommended servos.

There is no need to skimp on the weight of the model as this concept requires a minimum weight of 5 kg. If the flight weight is lower, the model will lose momentum.

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